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Frequently Asked Questions Most important frequently asked questions from students.
Study in Germany
Why study in Germany?+
Who can go to study in Germany?+
Why PSP PROGRAM is important?+
What can we study after PSP?+
What is the amount I have to show in blocked account?+
Will I get chance for campus placements after completion of degree?+
Are accommodation charges extra?+
In how many days I will get visa?+
Do I need any PCC, Medical certificate?+
Who will assist me in my filings and all processing?+
Is there any such grilling interview sessions with embassy?+
Who can pay my fees?+
How old funds should be?+
How will I extend my visa?+
Is it possible to settle in Germany and get PR?+
Is it easy to get part time job?+

Will I be provided with the accommodation?+
Will I be getting single or double sharing accommodation?+
Will I be getting kitchen?+
Can we work part time during our degree/diploma programs?+
What are the benefits of studying in Germany?+
What is the difference between studying in Germany and other countries like Canada, US, Australia or New zealand?+
Is German Language important to live and work in Germany?+
Can a MBBS or MD from any country continue their course in Germany?+
How to get an EU blue card and be Permanent Resident PR?+
Are there any ranking available of German Universities?+
Is spouse visa possible?+
How much GAP is accepted?+
How much IELTS /PTE/ TOEFL is required?+

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