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Universities in GERMANY

Universities in GERMANY

German Universities are one the greatest in the world as far as the practical and experiential learning is concerned. It will allow you to be medium size entrepreneurs and take admission in educational institutions in Germany for your further studies after FSP or ASB exam. The main head office of University is in Bielefeld, Schwerin, Munich, Dusseldurf, Duisburg, Passau, Berlin, Rostock, Hamburg and other 22 cities of Germany . In addition to the head office there are six further branches in Cologne, Pulheim, Hannover, Rostock, Schwerin and Bamberg and other research centres.

The Universities have additional branches in Hanover and Munich through its Institutes for Scientific Further Education (IWW).

University provides distant educational institution for students who love to study in most well known and academically good University. It is highly recommended and has well talented faculty and best in Pre Studies Program/ pathway program/ direct public university admission and Blue card university degree program for doctors – MBBS/MD or super specialization or BSc Msc nursing, non clinical education, commerce and all other types of engineering and scientific studies with lowest cost possible. The University provides 100% Placement after study and thence you can permanently settle in Germany gaining Blue Card after your studies and work permit.