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Textile Design

Textile Design

Germany – the land of ideas is the world leader in the global market share for technical textiles with a market share of 45 percent. Germany has immense foreign trade with textiles and clothing. It also ranked fourth in textiles and clothing registering an export quota of 42 percent in 2013. Germans love art and so feel passionate about textile engineering. Study in Germany programs provide fascinating options in the domain of textile designing in Germany. Study in Germany offers excellent course options in this field such as study in fashion and textile design, fashion crafts and textile, textile management, fibers and textile chemistry, interior and textile design, textile and clothing technology, textile business, textiles and technological innovation and many more.

Study in Germany through a government recognized course offers highly lucrative Permanent Residency option. Studying in Germany could be the best decision of your life. Germany offers of the most lucrative jobs to textile jobs. Germany offers Permanent Residency to deserving candidates much sooner than other developed countries. With German PR, you can get almost all facilities which German citizens are entitled to. For Studying in Germany, you will be getting a Schengen visa which will allow you to travel to the most beautiful and developed countries in Germany such as Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and many others. Study in Germany is the best option for the students who want to be most successful in the world of textile designing.

Study in Germany is really cost effective. After one year of state recognized course, your complete education from Bachelor’s degree to PhD level is free of cost. Just 3 years after German PR, you can get German Citizenship which can get you the German Passport. German Passport is the most powerful passport in the world which allows visa free access to 176 countries. There are a plethora of options in the field of textile designing in Germany. There are numerous positions for designation of Apparel designer technical apparel designer, CAD designers in top textile brands of the world. To live your German dream, all you need to do is to Study in Germany just for one year for a state recognized program which will allow you to upgrade your skills and knowledge to match German standards thereby making you eligible for PR just after you get your first job after a year or so.