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Studying management degree in German university

Studying management degree in German university
Why we prefer to do management from German universities?
German university is one of the best in terms of technology, medical and management all over world. Many of students have dream to become a successful in their career but they couldn’t find a best way to approach. Here, we discuss about how can you do your studies with German university?
Fachhochschule is one of the biggest universities in Germany. For studying in Germany, we provide Studienkolleg courses for the international students who has completed 12th medical /non medical/ commerce/diploma. Studienkolleg stated itself where we train our students and make proficient in German language and we provide management classes in German language, simulations on various projects with the MNCs companies. Without studienkolleg course, it is not possible for students to take admission in any German university. Students have to do pre studies program (PSP) or studienkolleg before proceeding in any university. Apart from this, the total duration of the PSP course is 1 year that including hostel as well.
We will be providing the best classes for students where we conduct batches of 30 students in 1 batch so that it would be easy for the faculty to personal concern on each and every student. We will be teaching you the subject that is too be in German and then we provide the classes for FSP exam i.e. included in studienkolleg course and through the management course, you will get the command of basics and advanced knowledge of German international market how its work so it helps you to understand the whole international market. Accordingly, we do certain things like project works with the international companies that makes student more professional in their career and then after they can do free bachelors in management and master as well that would be free costing free of cost. Yeah! Certainly we have around 1 lack jobs opportunities in Germany. So you can earn around 3000-4000 Euros per month that would be enough in the early stage. Once you get experience or you associate with the companies that help you for getting permanent resident that is blue card.
Now the question arises in your mind what you are getting in studienkolleg course?
We will be providing you preparation of Pre studies program along with FSP exam and then after you can do your free bachelor studies in management in Germany University and masters as well from there you would be able to apply for blue card that is PR.
So what finances you need to keep ready for Studying management in Germany?
No under mentioned fees can be overlapped or used instead of each other as all are stated for different purposes.
WHOLE FEES AND PROCESS EXPENDITURE – 18990 Euros this can be paid in three installments this expenditure for studying management in Germany and also included insurance as well
BLOCKED ACCOUNT: You can extract 720 Euros each month for your usage which is more than enough as average expenditure over there is 400 Euros per month.
HOSTEL: Yeah! Of course we will provide hostel for 1 year
VISA FEES – Depends upon embassy usually it is 65 Euro. If any change would be there embassy will highlight on website.

Once admission is done and all the receipts are in your hand you need to follow the process as stated clearly to you. No changes and amendments can be entertained at any cost or any shift in the fees.
No refunds once visa is there in your hand.
Please contact University department’s admission office – +91 9988000640