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Studienkolleg Language course in Germany

Studienkolleg Language course in Germany is important after language course or it should be embedded in it and more importantly it is important for all 12th class students to get Free education in Germany like Free MBBS in Germany after Studienkolleg Language course in Germany.

Every student has a dream to get high level and upgraded standard of education for their successful career and deep and well aware knowledge about their respected field, and GERMANY is the destination for every student dream. Studienkolleg in Germany is the first step towards the dream education. If you are a NON-EUROPEAN student and wish to pursue your higher EDUCATION IN GERMANY then tighten up your seatbelt and arrange all the required documents as per the requirements of the university or college. It is as PREPARTORY college/institution which prepare foreign students for German Education system. STUDIENKOLLEG is divided into categories which distributes education system in Germany into specific streams I.e. Studienkolleg Language course in Germany

With all the categories of Studienkolleg Language course in Germany or PSP medical or technical or PREPARTORY colleges prepare students for their respected universities and further free education in Germany. It is also called PRE-SCHOOLING PROGRAMME PSP.  In Germany most of the courses are GERMAN taught and STUDIENKOLLEG prepare student for GERMAN LANGUAGE with mathematical, physics, chemistry and etc. Intake in
Studienkolleg Language course in Germany are usually throughout the year but are mainly of two period one in MARCH- APRIL and second in OCTOBER – NOVEMBER it’s a one year duration course and at the end of the course a student have to give an exam which give the opportunity for FREE BACHELORS in your respected fields.

ABROAD EDUCATION is the one of the most affected and important factors in students’ career specially GERMANY’S DEGREE is worldwide accepted in employer committed. In GERMANY education cover theoretical as well as practical knowledge that create a optimistic and goal oriented personality of their students. The most intake course in STUDIENKOLLEG are MEDICINE and TECHNOLOGY.

If your course is taught precisely in English language which that would be postgraduation level that your priority will transform into the English language. Plus, your LANGUAGE course sums the highest numbers of classes throughout STUDIENKOLLEG course. While applying for STUDIENKOLLEG COURSE a student should possess minimum level of language as required by the STUDIENKOLLEG PREPARTORY as per the requirement of GERMAN UNIVERSITY OR STUDIENKOLLEG.

How can you apply for Studienkolleg Language course in Germany ?

At Aloha Consulting – we as consultants have major tie-ups with huge number of Universities that too directly and language institutes to provide you direct university pathway and Studienkolleg Language course in Germany at lowest cost possible. We are here to save your money as much as possible if you are applying for studienkolleg in Germany from us.

Our packages start from 7.5 lac only for Indians. In this we are providing the following:

  • Language course included
  • Studienkolleg is included
  • Travel insurance is included
  • Pick and drop on request
  • Free Consultation
  • Application fee for everything included
  • No hidden fee
  • Studienkolleg fee included
  • Exam fee included
  • Accommodation help will be there if it is university

Apart from this we are providing every Back up support possible to student for applying and doing Studienkolleg Language course in Germany .

Finding the best Studienkolleg in Germany?

We here, are providing will be finding the best options for studienkolleg plus language course in Germany among the options which are already available with us. Apart from this we are able to send students to directly in German Studienkolleg as well for which the expenditure for studienkolleg in German University may go upto 15lac as well. In the University as well for Studeinkolleg in German University we will be able to provide accommodation. More importantly, it depends upon your financial condition as well.

The eligibility and requirements are very specified for the studienkolleg in German university are just you need to do A1 level German language in India. Doing some ielts or pte would be added advantage but is not required for any language course admission in Germany or Studienkolleg in German University. As there is no provision for late applications and moreover studienkolleg in Germany can be done in language schools or German University only.

Blocked account for Studienkolleg in German University

For any study visa including study visa for Studienkolleg in German university; the blocked account amount is 10300 Euros.

Helping to get you admission in German University for Studienkolleg is one thing we will do but we will also pave the path and would tell you differences of financials among different studienkollegen and of Universities. It is important to do Studienkolleg from Germany after doing your bit of German Language course for which we will provide you admission in best German Institute for language course and University and thereafter sitting for FSP will get you free studies like any Bachelors and Masters you would like to take up in Germany after respective Studienkolleg.

What is Studienkolleg medical?

Studying Studienkolleg medical PSP for free MBBS is a dream of many students after completing 12th class in India. There is wide range of courses which are available in Germany for example after 12th in school from India you can give Medical Sciences Engineering and Management courses. There are two Intakes in Germany; the first intake is in March and April and second is in October and November every year. The medical courses which are to be provided to students after 12th class can be Studying in Germany for free MBBS or BDS or even biotechnology apart from the this there are around 30 more various fields for different medical clinical and non-clinical medical bachelors which students can do after 12th class in India but Studying in Germany for free MBBS is most famous course among all medical universities of Germany that is also known as PSP medical classic or Studienkolleg Medical plus FSP which will be provided from our university named Fachhochschule des Mittelstands and after that MBBS and MD would be free of cost.

This is biggest university for providing courses of Studienkolleg and after that medical sciences and MBBS will be free of cost. Studying in Germany for free MBBS in German language that is the first reason is made free of cost. But good news is – German as a language is easier than even English. Now you might be wondering why? Because it doesn’t have that tenses and structure problems like we have in English. Students easily can learn whole language in 2 to 3 months only. Now your main problem is solved. Whereas these universities in Germany are MCI recognised and DCI as well. We tend to provide students with best Studienkolleg Medical course for first one year in which we will be teaching and training them on different medical related subjects and Biology, Physics and Chemistry in German Language only, in addition to this we have certain projects works and lab work included in it. This is the holistic way we are going to work on our students while they are in Studienkolleg medical course in Fachhochschule University.

After Studienkolleg you will be having Free MBBS / BDS or any bachelors of medical sciences or Bachelors of Biotechnology or any other bachelors you may choose from 30 options available related to medical sciences. So basically, you need not do Language courses now for going to Germany just take direct admission in University and save your one year which gets wasted otherwise. Apart from this; your eligibility criteria is just IELTS 6 bands and atleast do A1 German Language level and A2 classes can be carried on until you receive the visa.

The University will train you on FSP as well this exam will help you for further Studying in Germany for free MBBS. This FREE MBBS in Germany or any degree for that matter will be done from Public Universities only whereas even the Studienkolleg will be done in University itself. The whole expense of fees and everything will be 18990 Euros and Blocked account will be extra at 8700 Euros. This includes your study material, Indian insurance and filing cost and 1-year hostel is included in this. This fees includes FSP exam as well. Once you start your MBBS especially you will have your internship year included where you will be working as Assistant to Doctors and earning in lac as well apart from this your MD/MS will also be free and the study of this can be done in English language as well. Which basically means your degree will be recognised and accredited by German medical societies and all over Europe and Internationally as well.

Once you gain temporary and permanent medical licenses your salary will be around or upto 5000 to 6000 Euros per month which is greatest of all aspects to be in Germany for your FREE MBBS or any Bachelors or Masters.

Students who are going to Russia, China or Ukraine should not go there as they will face problems related to internship and not only this no job is provided there and no Permanent Residency is there.


Study FREE Btech/Mtech tech in Germany / Studienkolleg Technical PSP

Why we prefer Germany for engineering studies after Studienkolleg Technical PSP?
Nowadays, Germany is one of the best in medical and technology as well. Pursuing Btech or master in Germany is the dream of every individual whosoever complete their studies from medical or non medical background. Germany association provides a variety of training classes in terms of technical and student will be well proficient in terms of German language with great technical background.

Why Fachhochschule university is better than other universities while you Study Studienkolleg Technical PSP and FREE Btech/Mtech tech in Germany? And how does it make differ from other German universities?
This university is one of the biggest among all universities when planning your Study FREE Btech/Mtech tech in Germany. We provide a wide variety of courses in the field of technical for 12th non medical students. Most of the student have wh dream of becoming an engineer , researcher or many so in the technical field And if student really need to be part of this university so u no need to do qualify any national level exam or like NEET as well. So what you do exactly for that you have to get IELTS 6 bands overall and German A1 LEVEL Certificate which is more than enough and the best part is that at a moment we conduct classes of not more than 30 students in one batch where the instructor will do efforts and concentrate on each and every student. In our university, we provide per studies program technical classic courses that is PSP or Studienkolleg where we train students on special technical terminologies in German language and we provide certain classes on math, chemistry and physics in German language as well that can help to Clear the FSP i.e feststellesungsprufung and the whole duration for Pre study program classic engineer course is for 1 year then after student will do further free BTECH/MTECH studies after Studienkolleg Technical PSP.

What is the whole expenditure for pursuing technical studies in German university especially of Studienkolleg Technical PSP?
The whole expense would be 18990 which include hostel fee and everything from admission procedure to preparation of interview and Indian insurance included as well. Apart from this the insurance will be taken by the individual before going embassy where embassy would like to ask about blocked account money and that should be 10400 euros. After the pre-studies program technical course, student will be pursuing free Btech course and in between we will be providing internship and job in MNC s company where they can earn 3000-4000 euros per month that is good enough.

Yeah of course if the student really wants to do MTECH definitely they should do masters because that’s too free. After free bachelor studies, we provide them job in MNCs company by which student can easily get permanent visa i.e blue card
University is one of the largest university in Germany which is recognized from state government university and teach Studienkolleg Technical PSP. We are taking students from Asia and Africa mainly. And student must complete their studies from AICTE OR CBSE board or ICSE board. We are providing them best technical knowledge which leads to perform best in their field.

If you really interested to go Germany for further free higher studies BTECH/MTECH after Studienkolleg Technical PSP then you must take admission in Fachhochschule which is recognized from state government
so take directly get admission in German university , you must get in touch with Bangalore and Delhi admission hub desk. Counselor -9988000640

Whereas when you are in Germany, you get medical licenses, Job, internship and Permanent Residency. So basically you will be settled. For admissions you can email and call on 9988000640.