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Frequently Asked Questions

Most important frequently asked questions from students.

Study in Germany

- Germany is the dream destination of many as far as engineering and medical line is concerned. After PSP course you can study at NO TUITION FEES in Germany.

- The students who have successfully completed their 12th class in commerce, medical and non medical stream, PCB, PCM or 10+3 year diploma in English with minimum 50% of marks or any equivalence.
- However, a student who has completed bachelors or master or even PhD can come and have admission in PSP – P as well. Once you are in Germany for your PSP component which is very essential for your further studies and settlement, you can go for further studies, degrees and then can finally grab EU Blue card for settlement permanently over there.

- In PSP – which everyone has to do prior to their degree is important because it makes you equal to any German national and European so you can live, study and work freely over there like any other national. The PSP includes all the knowledge you need of your field and trade in German Language via practical exposure to the studies and thence imbibing the very best you need for the career and further studies.
- Everyone has to sit for States exam this is important for all Germans and non – Germans.

- You can study any degree; relevant in public or private universities in whole Germany.

- You have to show 7 lacs in blocked account from which only 9040 euros approximately will be blocked and rest amount you may use for ticketing purpose. However, you are asked to show 7 lacs because of change in euro trading forex rates. Though with the rest of amount he can do tickets and insurance if possible.

- No PSP classic students’ accommodation is already included.

- Usually processing is of 2 – 3 weeks only as whole.

- No. You just need a travel medical insurance for Schnegen area.

- University admission centre which is nearest to your region or city will be able to do so.

- No, not much, your centre will make you ready.

- We need only fresh funds needn’t be old. Anyone can help in showing the funds.

- Local authorities will help in doing so.

- Yes of course even faster than Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

- Yes, it is. You may earn upto 24 Euros per hour. There are lots of part time jobs available in Germany which is of even skilled basis.


- Yes, definitely it is important for PSP – C. but for students of PSP – P you may figure out on your own or may seek accommodation from Uni. as well.

- Sharing is what we insist, good for working and studying together.

- Yes, a well equipped modest kitchen and WC.

- The benefits of studying in Germany are numerous. You can have biggest melting pot multi cultural environment here, excellent working culture, Germans are friendly and welcoming, practical exposure in the field you are working in, latest technology, every type of degree is available, strongest passport in the world.

- Adding up the whole cost you put in other country for all the years you will be studying is almost 25 – 30 lacs whereas Germany is charging you one time only.
- No other country is providing you accommodation, whereas Germany is providing you accommodation.
- Other countries are not providing you much and up to date practical exposure whereas Germany is.
- Germany is making you settle down whereas there are certain restriction in other countries for eg Canada where person is still working like a labour for 5 years or 8 years and still has no PR.
- You can easily work part time in Germany and can EARN MORE THAN any other country because Euro has more value and is stronger and stable.
- No other country provides you work/ job placements and here in Germany you are getting job placements easily.
- You get a travel card and huge discounts on meal rates in Germany.

- Ofcourse, certainly it is. How can you talk and sit in a mere interview without knowledge of German language and trade language skill set.

- Germany needs lacs of Doctors and Nurses. University is providing the courses for further studies related to medicine, MMA, MD, MS, DM after Ausbildung and a simultaneously MMA degree which assures your visa and License to practice.

- You just require grabbing the minimum wage criterion for the field relevant and applying for Blue Card.

- No, In Germany there is no such official rankings. They have created same atmosphere and standard of teaching the modules and practical modules in all the university at same implementable platform.

- Yes. Spouse can join after one year minimum.

- Yes Germany accepts gap. We can accept maximum GAP of 7 -8 years after 12th and upto 8-9 years after bachelors and masters.

- We may require only 5 band or 5.5 bands minimum.

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