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Nursing in Germany

Germany – the land of ideas offers amazing opportunities to the international students in the field of nursing. As Germany is one of the best countries in the world in terms of healthcare system so there are lots of opportunities for nursing. Salaries of nurses are really attractive and are one of the best in the world. Study in Germany leads to a rewarding career in whatever field you choose. Study in Germany also easily leads to German Permanent Residency which can make you eligible for a German Citizenship post German PR.

Soon after you become a German citizen, you can apply for a passport. German passport offers visa free access to 176 countries around the globe. German economy is also the strongest economy in Europe and with lowest unemployment rate. There are lacs of jobs for nurses in Germany so studying Nursing in Germany could be the best decision which students with medical background can make.

Study in Germany offers plethora of options in nursing in numerous branches such as Oncology, Psychology, Paediatric, Prenatal, Public Health, Legal nurse consulting, Neonatal, Occupational Health Nursing and many more. Germany has world’s best healthcare systems and due to the ageing population of Germany, demand for nurses from abroad is growing day by day there. All international students need to do is to do one year course in Germany which will help to match their knowledge and skills according to German standard.

Germany offers the best benefits to their residents. Most attractive thing about Germany is that education is free there up to PhD level. Free world class education in Germany is more than getting a BMW car for free. During your studies in Germany, you would be learning from the best medical practitioners. German visa grants visa free access to the Schengen countries which means on German visa, you can travel to the most beautiful countries in Europe free of cost.