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MDS in Germany


After your undergraduate degree, you can continue your education by earning a master in dentistry degree and specialize with in a particular area of dentistry some of the specialist areas in dentistry are orthodontics, periodontics, oral medicine, endodontic, paediatric dentistry and implant logy. With a master’s degree in dentistry your job prospective are excellent.

What Kind Of Career Can You Expect With A Dentistry Degree?

One who is having the degree in dentistry can work in both sectors public or in private dental clinics as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Dentistry Degree In Germany?

Taking about Germany or the University of Applied Sciences Germany. The cost of doing a dentistry degree is very less than any other country. Study in Germany is very cost-effective. The student or the doctor need to invest their money for one time only, in simple we ca n say the student needs to pay once only for his/her education. After that their education will be free of cost in Germany. Where as in India the student spent crores of the money to get a doctoral degree in India. On the other hand if we talk about Germany or studying medical in Germany is way cheaper than India or any other country here the student is paying once and getting a doctoral degree with 100% job placement in the reputed hospitals of Germany and adding more to this student is getting their GML (German medical licence) after the first year. From the second year the student is going to work as an assistant doctor in the hospital and start earning minimum euro 4900 per month.