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Masters in Management (ITTM)

When we came to know that there is one place which is known for youthful cities basically for young people one of the attractive cities ever specially for student there is vivid night life, countless bars and pub, and Berlin worldwide is known for electro and techno as well, apart from this obviously student can live Berlin that is more cheaper than other many German cities. so for studying Masters in Management(ITTM) degree in Germany i.e melange of technologies and management which is available for all the students who is having bcom, btech and bsc IT background

Now here, we discuss about what is Masters in manangement ITTM? ITTM i.e International Technology and Transfer Management course is one of the best level of management course which is golden platform for those students who has dream of doing masters in technology or management as well so basically For masters in management (ITTM) in germany is the melange of management and technology studies program. Now this program is already collaborated with many famous university and facchocoschule is one of the biggest university in germany and also having biggest campus in germany that is recognised by state government of german. Now here, this is the career platform for all the international students who have completed their BTECH, BBA, BCOM or Bsc ITand also looking for the best in specialization in management courses.

What is the total duration of this course in Fachhochschule university? The course would be for two year and that too in English language so there is no requirement of german language to study because all the subjects is in English language but yeah , if you really interested in german language, we will be training you on that free of cost that is inclusive master program in germany. For masters in management(IITM) in germany i.e masters in management ITTM degree in germany then the basic eligibility criteria is 6 bands in IELTS. We provide internship and thesis that too will be paid while you are studying masters in management ITTM degree in germany . And of course due to financial constraint you can earn while you are studying masters in management ITTM degree in germany. And certainly, you are able to do part time job as well plus after completion of your course , you will be able to get a job in any MNC as this course has 120 ECTS point which is more than enough for PR and job as well.

What finances you need to keep ready for Masters in managemnet ITTM degree course in Germany?
The total expenditure for masters in management ITTM in Germany would be costing about  17000 Euros that can be paid in three instalments. This is the whole fees for masters in management (ITTM) degree course in Germany which include ticket as well. Apart from this, the blocked account should be 10500 euros where you can extract 800 euros each month for your usage and we do not provide hostels.for masters in management ITTM degree is one of the best course in Germany which is now available for all the international students

Any other expenditure , individual have to do insurance that is about 2k to 4k only. Pick and drop in Germany client has to bear.

VISA FEES – Depends upon embassy usually it is 65 Euro. If any change would be there embassy will highlight on website.

Once admission is done and all the documents in your hand you need to follow the process as stated clearly to you. no changes and amendments can be entertained at any cost

Once the visa is finalised or in your hand there is no refunds.
those who really interested for studying ITTM courses in germany. For admission desk which is available in delhi and Bangalore now. Please contact University department’s admission office – +91 9988000640