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Germany is a land of free education for all students like Arts, Science, Commerce and Medical or Non-medical students who have completed 12 years of schooling and are looking for Free education in Germany after language courses in Germany. Once you complete your language courses in Germany you may apply for any bachelors in Germany for example FREE MBBS in Germany or Free engineering in Germany.

It is certainly easy to get FREE MD in Germany as you just need to do A1 level from your home country and IELTS 6 bands overall plus we will be doing every filing process so we will put your admission directly in University on conditional letter of admission process + your admission in our institute for language courses in Germany; so that later on you may fetch Temporary medical license via Fachsprachsprufung and later on work as Doctor over there. We have huge requirement of Dentists and Physiotherapists as well as for MBBS Doctors who would like to go to Germany for further free studies and later on would like to settle down after we provide them Language courses in Germany which will definitely include medical terminologies to gather better experiential knowledge of Human medicine in Germany language so that at least you will have same level as of any other European or German doctor. Equivalence gets you on track once you successfully complete your language courses in Germany in our Institute.

Students who are having background of Arts, Commerce and Maths that is non-medical subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics from any board possibly can apply for their admission and filing with us. Getting admission in our institute for language courses in Germany will be very easy as you will get your embassy date for student visa or language visa as well. The best thing is that we are providing cheapest language courses in Germany than others and you need not go to any agents or other consultants for that because we have our own office in Germany – Bonn. Our international team will assist you for your further education, visa extension, finding part time job in Germany and once you are in Germany, we will help you with city Registration, Free German laptop and Insurances and any assistance which you may require over there.

Once we will be sending you for language courses in Germany you will require the documentation from India, which we will provide you from Indian office only and slot booking in embassy, accommodation booking in Germany, pick and drop service in Germany once you reach plus Free trip to one European country. So, till you are in Germany we will be there for assistance from our office whether it is related to Internship or Health insurances or any visa related assistance.

Specially to language courses in Germany FREE MBBS in Germany Students’ of our Institute will be getting ticket included. Only to MBBS students**

So, for FREE MBSS IN GERMANY AFTER LANGUAGE COURSES AND EVEN FREE STUDIENKOLLEG we have best and cheapest package for all the medical students. We are providing medical insurances, visa filing, Indian insurances, city registrations, ticket to Germany, laptop, study material, Studienkolleg fees, Language course till B2-C1 level, visa extensions, conditional letter of admission from a university as well as fees of Studienkolleg for medical students is included. The laptop and ticket are free of cost. So, all the supporting elements which are included are definitely an added-on advantage.

The best thing is free MBBS in Germany can be done by our University and Language institute as well. Totally depends upon you.
The Total expenditure for university is 18990 Euros for direct STUDIENKOLLEG medical + FREE MBBS and for language course institute + free MBBS is 17.81 Lacs in Indian Rupees.

To join any language courses in Germany after 12th class in India, for Free engineering, free MBBS, Free Nursing or Free bachelors in Management or even Free MD in Germany by any language courses in Germany we will help you to get direct admission as we have our own office in Bonn, Germany.

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