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The land of ideas welcomes non-medical students to opt for courses related to Robotics and Artificial Engineering free of cost. Yes, engineering studies for international students in Germany are absolutely free! Studying in Germany for free will get you a German Permanent Residency or the blue card which can later get you a German Passport. Free Study in Germany can get you highly lucrative salaries which easily get you German citizenship. Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. These days, most of the German companies are using robots to manufacture cars and other types of automobiles which explain the need for Robotic engineers in the years to come. Free studies in Robotic engineering are blended with the field of cognitive science.

Study in Germany is not only free but it can also get you placed in the best global brands. After studying for free in Germany, you can develop best Robotic technology in the world as you would be studying and getting support from teachers who are best in their field. Robotics engineering is the most exciting field in engineering these days.

Study in Germany in Environmental Engineering is one of the best in the world. There are plethora of top ranked universities in Germany which focus on Management and Technology of Water, Water Resources and Environmental Management, Cartography and Environmental Engineering. Germany is committed to the cause of reducing their carbon emissions as much as possible. Germans also strive hard to develop best technologies which address environmental concerns in the best possible manner. Study in Germany is really cost effective. After one year of state recognized course, your complete education from Bachelor’s degree to PhD level is free of cost. Just 3 years after German PR, you can get German Citizenship which can get you the German Passport. German Passport is the most powerful passport in the world which allows visa free access to 176 countries. There are a plethora of options in the field of engineering in Germany.

Civil engineering in Germany offers amazing opportunities to the international students. Students from abroad can study in Civil Engineering in Germany in varied disciplines such as Advanced Computational and Civil Engineering Structural Studies, Digital Engineering, International Construction: Practice and Law, Resources Engineering and many more from top ranked universities. Study in Germany promises excellent job options for Civil engineers. Top companies which recruit in German companies for Civil Engineering jobs are Berger GMBH, Dupre Bau, Muller, Koch and TSP and many others.

Study in Germany in Bio & Biomedical engineering as well has immense scope. Germany manufactures best quality medicines, provides best healthcare to residents and has one of the best salaries for bioengineers, medical practitioners and doctors. There are lots of universities in Germany which offer courses in the niche areas of Bio and Biomedical engineering such as Euro photonics, Bio medical technology, Computational Life Science, Molecular Bioengineering, Bionics, Biomedical Computing and many others.

Study in Electrical engineering mixed with embedded technology in Germany is of utmost level. Study in Germany in Electronics and Embedded Technology specializes in many disciplines such as Mobility Systems Engineering and Management, Electronic Systems Engineering and Management, Embedded Systems Engineering, Organic and Molecular Electronics and many others. Germany is a heaven for Electronic Engineers. Electrical engineers in Germany work in the best global brands such as Bosch, Blaupunkt, Siemens, Henkel, Loewe and several others.